A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


BeatSkaters is a rhythm-action skateboarding game made for the OlliOlli Skate Jam 2015 by Ross and Iggy
The only controls are up and down (or W and S work too, your choice.)
You are a cat on a skateboard and must avoid wrecking balls, dogs, traffic cones and cat scratchers in order to navigate the city and get to work on time.
There are five levels, and your best time is saved for each level, shown on the level select screen.
The music stops when you stop, and you win when the music finishes, so try to stay on your board!
Have fun!

Install instructions

Game requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable on Windows systems.

Should run out of the box on linux (32 and 64 bit systems) and OS X (64 bit only)


beatskaters.zip 200 MB